Monday, May 4, 2015

Reflections - 5/4/15

This past week was certainly eye opening for our class as Baltimore experienced the 2015 riots following the tragic death of Freddie Gray. In a matter of hours, the city was turned upside down when peaceful protests gave way to arson, looting, and chaos. Watching the destruction take place was certainly painful and depressing, and often seemed pointless. It is safe to say that it will take years for Baltimore to get back to where it was, as we have learned from the repercussions of the 1968 riots. However, unlike the '68 riots, these events were followed by an outpouring of love, concern, and hope that the city can get back up on it's feet.

Despite what some critics may say, we all need to care about "our" city, wherever we may live in the region. The geographical fact of the matter is that we all depend on Baltimore as an epicenter of economic, knowledge, and artistic proportions. While sitting at my desk at work on Friday, I watched Marilyn Mosby deliver the criminal charges that would be filed against the Baltimore City Police Officers involved in the Gray case. It was at this moment when I remembered why I loved Baltimore. Regardless of the charges, it was the timely fashion of delivery and straightforwardness of justice that gave Baltimore the shock back to life that it needed.

In class, we discussed the themes and quotes found in the Sherrie Chase interview. In my notes, I found the themes of diversity, detachment, family, and sense of place to be core components. In addition, the map group convened and worked together in outlining the introductory paragraphs for the webpage, and figuring out the missing places that needed to be completed for the map. Mike and I also worked on the graphic display of the map. I also created four new zones that highlight the different sectors of Station North: Charles North, Greenmount West, Barclay, and Koreatown.

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