Thursday, April 9, 2015

Reflections - 4/13/15

This past week was focused on project work and reviewing the articles we read as a class. On Tuesday, we discussed the Baltimore City Paper article, "No Trivia: How white people have gentrified the word 'gentrification'", and the Metro Politics article, "Arts Districts Without Artists". Overall, I found these articles interesting interpretations of the situation going on in Station North and other Baltimore neighborhoods. In particular, I found Brandon Soderberg's article in the City Paper similar to how Jude Lombardi characterizes the word "gentrification" to those who replace it with "revitalization". Personally, I disagree with this viewpoint because revitalization is meant to help neighborhoods, which otherwise would remain in a state of urban decay.

On Thursday, I remained on campus while the rest of class went to Station North, to meet with our groups to discuss and worked on the group project. Jodie and I worked on figuring out the remaining missing places, and then I completed the database by putting the addresses into the map. Afterwards, I felt a lot more confident with the map and feel that it will be a good base to show to the class on Tuesday.

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